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Where INDEPENDENCE Equals Strength In Numbers! 

Childs Capital Group is a unique firm, and certainly not mainstream.

1)  As an independent representatives of Berthel Fisher, we are able to provide a large inventory of alternative investments in the industry to our clients.  A small sampling of some of these alternative investment vehicles are below: 

  • Oil & Gas drilling & Royalty programs      
  • 1031 Tenant-in-Common Exchanges
  • Equipmment Leasing deals
  • Privately-traded public REITs
  • Commodities & Futures funds
  • Private Note offerings

2)  Our motto with regards to our client base is "Quality not Quantity".  From past experience we know that it is not possible to uphold the level of service and attention we provide our clients if our client base was 500+ people.  Therefore, we limit the number of relationships that our firm will service and most new clients come to us by referral.